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Daishi Luo and Zhipeng Tan are contemporary art duo with a background in industrial design. They have their own main line of research, but they are also fascinated in working together to explore more possibilities about art, hence the Studio MÁNMÁN was founded.


The name “MÁNMÁN”(Pinyin) comes from a two-headed divine bird in the ancient Chinese book The Book of Mountains and Seas,  which means an extraordinary imagination. Therefore, Studio MÁNMÁN is committed to interdisciplinary creation through matter and actively explores the boundaries of art.


Based on the respective research directions of the two artists, works of MÁNMÁN discusses the relationship between matter, technology and human. Their works range from collectible design, installation, sculpture, video. Meanwhile, they continue to expand new possibilities in cooperation, and actively design public welfare projects, establishing China's first COPPERCOLORS. Their works are exhibited at leading fairs and institutes around the world, such as Victoria and Albert Museum(CN),Design Miami/Basel (CH, US), Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum(CN), Collective New York (NY), Salon Art+Design(NY),etc. They received awards from the 2017 China National Youth Art Fund and the 2019 Shenzhen C Foundation. And their works have been collected by Dior, Centre Georges Pompidou, Luo Zhongli Art Museum, HE Art Museum, Roger Federer Foundation, Kylie Jenner, Peter Marino, etc.



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Address:Lane 88, Jinhuitang East Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai

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