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As an interdisciplinary artist with a background in product design, Daishi Luo is devoted to grow her artistic practice through the medium of coopper, probing into the future from a perspective of art of biology. In which, she explores the synergy between nature and humanity through material research, sculptures, paintings, installations, videos, and books. she looks  into topics including the logic behind the industrial production, natural creation, biology, handicrafts, cultural conservation, and more.


Her research and creation has been awarded the Young Art Talent Program of China National Art Fund (2017-2018), the research support of Shenzhen Creative Foundation (2019), and The China Design New Star Award (2017). she was honored to be invited to participate in DIOR AS SEEN BY  in 2021 and created "A Messenger of Dreams,” commissioned by DIOR. she further co-founded Studio MÁNMÁN with Zhipeng Tan in 2016 and established China's first copper Library, COPPERCOLORS, in 2020. Her works have been published in leading institutions and placed into notable exhibitions and collections locally and abroad, including but not limited to: Victoria and Albert Museum (CN), Design Miami (CN/US), Salon Art+Design (NY), Design In Asia: The New Wave, MARIE CLAIRE, Numéro, etc. and are collected by Dior, Luo Zhongli Art Museum, Rong Design Library, Wujie Art Museum, Daikin and other institutions. 




In recent years, she has experienced and fused various fields into practices such as chemical engineering, bronze counterfeiting, industrial manufacturing, microorganisms and Chinese painting techniques, gradually building a unique method of naturally growing colors on the copper surface — losing control in control — so that the creative production can be carried out by nature, for nature and with nature. “Control" refers to the conditions and final guidance for creating the growth of works, such as setting appropriate temperature, humidity, reaction to medium, generation path and other factors. "Out of control" is to deliberately give up control in control and let the material grow spontaneously in the setting. Finally, control (human) and out of control (nature) jointly create imaginative colors, textures and pictures.

SEED, 2020

HD single-channel film, sound, color, 1min 33sec

The Nuture & Growth approach urges Daishi Luo to explore its possibilities of forms. For example, Seed records the growing progress of colors by the techinique of time-lapse photography; 72 Hours is a painting installation where I explore the interference in color growth by the external environment and human behaviors; and New Ore is an experimental combination of industrial manufacture and oraganic process. COPPERCOLORS, or copper color library, is a long-term research project — is to extract the methods behind color as data, build a sustainable color universe in the form of database, and explore all possibilities of copper growth. This project involved field studiesand experiments at multiple levels, from animals and plants to minerals, from farmers to craftsmen, and from plagiarism to laboratories, etc. Each of the 522 colors in the library carries its own growing process , in which more possibilities are yet to come through the fission and fusion within the system.

Using the logic of experimental creation in the art of biology to create, is not only to study the physical matters of nature and the possibility of collaborative creation between human and nature, but also to challenge the conventional idae of creation, which revolve around human. Faced with the challenges of climate disasters, global epidemics, loss of biodiversity and loss of empathy for each other, if we could transform human-centered creation into nature-centered creation and combine top-down form generation with bottom-up biological growth, can we conceive of the possibility of new and sustainable growth design?

Long-term research project




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