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Sǔn Mǎo Banana

by Daishi Luo & Zhipeng Tan, 2019

Glass, Bronze

H 165 x W 220 x D 105 cm

H 120 x W 420 x D 110 cm

H 135 x W 270 x D 75 cm

This group of works is inspired by our research on the casting process of lost wax. Among the process, wood, sculpture clay, plaster, wax, and fiberglass material conversion has a very key link structure, that is mortise and tenon. This Chinese-style structure is the connecting point between materials, but it is often hidden in the process and lost in the result.

We want this mortise and tenon (Sǔn Mǎo) approach/thinking to be seen. Therefore, we visualized the mortise and tenon hidden in the lost wax casting using ice cubes and bananas. Glass (outer mold) and banana (inner mold) represent the process and the final result. The glass consists of two parts, and the concave and convex structure is connected by straight tenons, and the banana in the middle is an independent joint point so that the glass and banana can be completely stuck together.


Why bananas? The Chinese pronunciation for banana is Xiang Jiao, the same as the word for “相交(joint)”, which means mortise and tenon. Why glass? Glass is ice, ice melts, mortise, and tenon disappear, but with beautiful results. So, is mortise and tenon a way of thinking or a simple form of structure? Is the new life of tradition in the present age a flexible integration of thinking mode or a continuation of structure? ​

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