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TANTAN COLLECTION is a play kingdom created by Tan Zhipeng. In this fictional world, TANTAN is both a monologue and an incarnation of Zhipeng. He explores everything from a "playful" perspective. In a narrated story, we use "play" to blur the original appearance/meaning of things and create new experiences and imagination. As a child, the experience of playing ghosts and hide-and-seek under the quilt with a little partner became the inspiration for Hide and Seek Lamp. They artfully expounded light through stories, giving the light a poetic memory and emotion beyond lighting. Explore reality in fiction, and create real fiction in the real world.

TANTAN COLLECTION II takes "holiday" as the clue, and brings lighthearted new TANTAN stories in "Surfing", "Treasure" and "Up". Zhipeng hopes that in such a special period in the world in 2020, he will still respond with an optimistic attitude to the environment and bring new hope.

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