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The Book of Answers
by Daishi Luo and Zhipeng Tan, 2021-2022
Leaves, brass, gold leaf ,canvas
L 1500 x W 220
Art installation


In the face of chaotic and noisy world, panic, anxiety and unease are also being deeply intensified. We are caught up in it, and no one is immune......


And all our lives,

What are we chasing in this world?


“He loves me, he doesn't love,He loves me, he doesn't love, he kinks while ripping the petal." When we are faced with uncertainty and confusion, we ask "yes" or "no" by ripping petals and leaves. It's a conversation with yourself as you chase answers.

Inspired by this, we created an interactive installation to discuss the meaning of life using natural leaves: The Book of Answers. We try to listen to the "answer" in your heart by playing games.

At present, this work and the creations of 11 other artists are currently presented in Château de La Colle Noire, once Christian Dior’s private estate in southern France, and it was opened to the public for the first time from October 15th to November 1st. .


Film: The Book of Answers

Tens of thousands gold leaves bearing answers written in a running script form The Book of Answers with 15 metres in length. Reveal the inner "answers" hidden under the "appearances" in a poetic way.


We invite the audience to ramble through them, think about a questionn for a few seconds, then pick up a fallen leaf and get an answer right away.


Is it the answer that you really want? What on earth are you chasing?

we created an opportunity to communicate with heart. With the leaves/answers taken away, The Book of Answers really began to take root and sprout. Perhaps at the end of our lives, we will not be able to find a definitive answer. However, all kinds of answers maybe already hidden in the triviality and subtlety of life.

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Exhibition: The Book of Answers

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