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Mirror Form



by Daishi Luo, 2018

Copper, Stainless steel, Rainwater, Native oxide

Various Size


Plants can percept changes in air, soil, and water, and thus grow out different forms. The same is true for copper.


Putting Mirror Form into space, with the change of rain, air, and time, they grow unique color and textures. They become the new life form in space and become a mirror of environmental change.

Mirror form-2.png
Mirror form-1.png
Mirror form-4.png

Mirror Form 1#
H 132
  x W 61  x D 40  cm


Mirror form-3.png

Mirror Form 2#
H 83
  x W 41  x D 27  cm


Mirror form-5.png

Mirror Form 3#
H 61
  x W 23  x D 13  cm


Mirror form-6.png

Mirror Form 4#
H 174
  x W 52  x D 64  cm


Mirror form-8.png

Mirror Form 5#
H 174
  x W 52  x D 64  cm


Mirror form-7.png

Mirror Form 6#
H 174
  x W 52  x D 64  cm


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