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Bio-design programs


Spontaneous growth of copper is the series in Luo Daishi's bio-design programs. She uses a comprehensive application of design and science to fine-tune the behavior of materials and awaken the color of copper from a biological perspective. The stars, gullies, trees, oceans grow from colors...just like copper show the boundless universe through color language.


This is not only about the study of materials, but also the study of Bio-design thinking. We range from simulating nature to designing nature to natural creation; from industrial production assembly to the self-generated growth of matter. Could this change in creative thinking make things more creative?

This research began in the Mánmán series 2016. How to respect the material properties and stimulate the vitality of materials is the direction she always explores. In this series, she used video, photography, sculpture, painting, and books to create works. Each piece has an independent form but is highly unified in the project, and is dedicated to presenting the biology of copper from a multidimensional perspective.

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