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COPPERCOLORS is the leading metal coloring archive in China. Founded in 2020 by StudioMÁNMÁN, and Daishi Luo is the project's director. Based on the Chinese Ancient Bronze Coloring Culture and from the perspective of contemporary art, COPPERCOLORS reshapes the color, texture, and material of copper and copper alloy with cross-field material innovation techniques, and creates a contemporary metal natural aesthetic color system. We are committed to exploring the sustainable future of copper, and to inspiring its infinite possibilities in the field of design/artistic creativity.



2015 -2018

StudioMÁNMÁN specialized in the deconstruction of ancient bronze coloring techniques and cultures and applies the research results to our creative projects. In the process of continuous exploration, we have created more than initial 200 colors/methods of natural textures.



In the first phase of building archive systematization, we focused on "tracing roots and innovation". From the laboratory to the handicraftsman, we trace the development status of copper coloring in the traditional Chinese coloring field and establish the system, while exploring sustainable coloring methods.



Based on long-term research and accumulation, we spent more than four years gradually build a systematic, can be effectively applied COPPERCOLORS. At present, the archive has extracted more than 400 representative colors/methods, including basic colors, classic colors, natural colors, and plant colors.



After more than 4 years of research and practice, we have been awarded the 2017 China National Art Fund and the 2019 Shenzhen Creative Public Welfare Fund. Our works have been exhibited and awarded in professional exhibitions and museum at home and abroad, and have been reported by many leading media.


As the first public benefit project of copper research in China, we will hold exhibitions, lectures, workshops and launch new products from time to time. Collaborating projects with professional institutions, designers and artists, we continue to explore the aesthetics, craftsmanship and value of copper color at a steady pace.


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