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Daishi Luo is honored to receive an art commission from Audi to interpret the extraordinary spirit of A8L Horch with her research and creation. She cultivates "crystalline bones" to condense invisible time and space, creating a series of space-time crystals to convey remodeling and evolution.

Dec 25 th, 2022


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In 2021-2022, Daishi Luo and Zhipeng Tan co-created an interactive installation to discuss the meaning of life using natural leaves: The Book of Answers, which was exhibited at the "LUCKI” hosted by Wallpaper*. 


Dec 31th,2021 - Feb 20 th, 2022


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Staying true to the couturier's passion for art and women, which never ceased to inspire his creativity, the House of Dior has brought twelve women from the international art scene together for an exceptional carte blanche exhibition, inviting them to express their vision of the iconic Miss Dior bottle, its spirit and its emblematic design codes.


Daishi Luo was excited to be invited by the Christian Dior brand as one of the world's 12 outstanding female artists to create sculptures inspired by the classic Miss Dior perfume bottle. More information:

Miss Dior AS SEEN BY 2021

Oct 15th-Nov 1st, 2021  

Château de La Colle Noire (FR)

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一条 Yit TV 

In December 2020, Yit TV came to Studio MÁNMÁN to film the behind-the-scenes and interview Luo Daishi and Tan Zhipeng. Through the video and article brief presentation of Luo Daishi and Tan Zhipeng's respective research direction, unique thinking and stunning works. It released on March 4, 2021. For a more detailed interview, please click here: Yit.

Editor: Qin Chen

Film: Yit Team

04 March 2021


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Alchemy of Color by Daishi Luo

Daishi Luo began to study the coloring culture and history of bronze forgery in 2015 and developed her unique skills and creative methods in the long-term in-depth practice. She blurs the boundary between science and art, designs the behavior of the material, and makes copper grow spontaneously like a plant with color and delicate landscape, thus exploring the logic of natural creation full of vitality behind this "cold and hard" material. From this point of view, Daishi reflects on and discusses the contemporary human-centered thinking of creation and our relationship with nature and matter through her works.

Titled "Color Alchemy", this solo exhibition will present a series of new works. Through videos, installations, paintings, and sculptures, Daishi is shown step by step to explore the beauty of natural creation logic (biology) under different material states.

Presented by Gallery All at Design Shanghai

26 -29 November 2020

Booth103, Collectible Design, Shanghai World Expo, Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai

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The Double Life by Zhipeng Tan

TanTan or Satan? Cute or cool? They are two very different figures in the fictional world created by Zhipeng Tan. One hippie, one futuristic. They are two different kinds of people like you and me, but they are more like side A and side B of our humanity. Sometimes soft, sometimes firm; Sometimes introverted, sometimes make public; Sometimes naughty, sometimes serious... They are seemingly incompatible opposites, but they create a unique fullness of human nature in the mix.

Since 2015, Zhipeng has been using sculpture to create his utopian world. He is keen to explore the elastic and permeable boundary between art and design, looking for the harmonious integration of sculpture and furniture, as well as works that are both aesthetic and practical. Here, there are no boundaries, no established definitions, only the desire to find and discover oneself, the exploration of humanity and the world.

Presented by Gallery All at Design Shanghai

26 -29 November 2020

Booth102, Collectible Design, Shanghai World Expo, Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai

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Lotus Stool by Zhipeng Tan

It is a great honor to announce the Lotus Stool was invited by the Centre Pompidou (France) and the West Bund Museum. The theme of the exhibition is Design & the Wondrous, which will be held at Gallery 3, Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum, Shanghai from November 12, 2020, to February 28, 2021. 

Design & the Wondrous

On the Nature of Ornament

12 November 2020-28 February 2021

Gallery 3, Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum, Shanghai

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Studio MÁNMÁN is very honored to be invited to participate in the 2020 West Bund Art & Design. The 2020 new works SCRAPE COLLECTION and TANTAN COLLECTION II presented by Gallery All will be exhibited in Hall A of Shanghai West Bund Art Center from November 11 to 15, 2020.

West Bund Art&Design

Presented by Gallery All

11-15 November 2020

A228, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai

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Studio MÁNMÁN ’s Walking Brass Vase was very fortunate to be collected by CoastPark Museum  (Zhuhai) and was invited to participate in the "New Youth's Time" theme presentation during the same period.

The presentation was titled "The Journey of the Copper Man", and shared with the audience how the studio became associated with "Copper" and the development process since its establishment.


23 May 2020

CoastPark Unbounded, Zhuhai



Lotus Telephone Table, Lotus Coffee TableLotus Pedestal&Stool.​ The above works were published in Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design: A New Wave of Creativity (The first definitive book introducing the work of leading Chinese designers and design studios)

October 29, 2019. by Charlotte Fiell (Author), Zheng Qu.

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Design In Asia- The New Wave.jpg

Lotus Telephone Table, Walking Vase, Tan Tan Side Table with Lamp, 33 Step Bar Chair, Melting Console Table.The above works were published in Design In Asia: The New Wave published by Thames & Hudson.

Design In Asia: The New Wave.

Published by Thames & Hudson.

Edited by Design Anthology.

Foreword: Aric Chen.

Introduction by Suzy Annetta.

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