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by Zhipeng Tan & Daishi Luo & Xin Li, 2019


for daikin

450  x 300 x 150 cm

An immersive installation designed for “Daikin” held during 2019 AD100, Architectural Digest China.

“Daikin” is a manufacturer of air conditioners that specializes in climate control solutions for various spaces and environments. Due to the brand’s unique attention to air quality, the installation revolves around the experience and sensation of “invisible air”.

Air, the source of life. It nourishes all things. All things are part of its creation. We capture Fleeting moments of nature, a breeze over the treetop, variegated play of light and shadows, a dragonfly skimming over the pond... to create a breathing time and space as if placed among the uninterrupted layers of clouds upon clouds.

This installation is made of copper, one of the earliest metals men ever used, and a key component for air conditioners to send out hot or cold streams. Wings with copper bones make light flaps, allowing us to feel the flow and the life of air, our perception of which enriched by the myriad of changing light and shadows. This is a conversation with air, but more than that, a beauty endowed by nature.

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