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New ore

by Daishi Luo, 2020



H 230  x W 150  x D 5  cm


" New ore " uses industrialized mass-produced copper plates as the base material for painting. It is first broken down into small pieces by laser cutting technology, and then the copper is controlled to grow back to its natural state before industrialization— —Ore, with its wonderful color and texture. However, these colors and textures are virtual and seem to occur naturally, but Daishi Luo uses her long-term unique method to control the growth of materials, create natural and unnatural effects, and cultivate contemporary "new ore".


Each piece represents a method, layered on top of each other, it looks like a flat surface, it is three-dimensional when viewed from the side. The cut pieces are restrained and orderly, contrasting with the disordered colors such as crystals and starry sky, which seem to make people get lost in the inexhaustible detail landscape.

New ore-1.jpg
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